Evangelical Church


Doors open

Portes ouvertes

Nous souhaitons fêter comme il se doit la transformation des locaux de l'église. Le projet est d'associer les voisins, les amis, les curieux lors d'une journée portes ouvertes qui aura lieu le samedi 28 septembre, plus d'info.

Opening the doors to God's glory!

Let's imagine. An open door in the Heavens. Jesus Christ himself is inviting us to discover what lies beyond! That is what happened to John, author of the book of Revelation. He is transported by the Holy Spirit into the Heavens - a spiritual dimension usually invisible to our eyes yet so close, encompassing and yet transcending completely our reality. In Revelation chapters 4 and 5, John relates in detail his discoveries and gives an abounding description of God's central place on His throne and the radiance of His glory. In this beautiful heaven everything that lives converges toward God in universal worship.

God's radiance is compared to... a rainbow. The name of our community alludes to the natural phenomenon, the sign of God's covenant with Noah. But, with John, we learn that the rainbow symbolizes also God's glory. this is very encouraging to learn as we prepare ourselves to the opening of our newly transformed church to our friends and neighbors on September 28 and 29.

While all the different tradesmen give the finishing touches to the building, many of us are carefully preparing this festive weekend. Will you join us? To pique your interest, here is the flier of this excellent event...

Bienvenue! - Welcome! - Willkommen!